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Genshin Impact: Mt. Aozang Ruins Treasure Guide | Game Rant

As Genshin Impact players explore the region of Liyue, they may stumble across several locations that contain glowing markers that denote a treasure nearby. When players interact with the markers, the marker will present a cryptic riddle on how to solve the puzzle and how to obtain the hidden treasure. This guide will provide a complete solution to Genshin Impact‘s Ruins Treasure puzzle that can be found near Mt. Aozang.

To start the trial, players must fast-travel to the Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern domain which is located Northeast of Mt. Aozang. From the domain, players must head directly east where they will find the first Ruins Treasure marker next to a rock chasm.

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After interacting with the marker, players must then activate their elemental sight ability, which will allow them to follow a series of clues leading them to the next marker. It is important to note that when following the clues via elemental sight, to be wary of the multiple Anemo slimes that inhabit the area.

Once players have reached the second marker on top of a large boulder, the player must be prepared to move quickly after interacting with it. When players interact with the second marker they will be tasked with reaching the top of the mountain directly in front of them in under 60 seconds.

If players have two Anemo-spec characters in their party, it will reduce their stamina consumption which is certainly useful in reaching the peak of the mountain in time. Additionally, if players have characters such as Venti in their roster, his wind elemental skills make traversing the mountain extremely easy.

Once players have reached the peak of the mountain they must glide down to the third marker in order to stop the timer. Upon reaching the third marker a precious chest will spawn for players to loot. Inside the chest, players will earn adventurers xp, mora, and primogems.

At the third marker, players will be asked a series of questions that they must give a response to. When asked “Are monsters truly evil by nature?” select “No.” When asked “Are mortals and adepti truly good by nature?” select “yes.” And for the last question “Are we making blind judgments on good and evil based on what our small minds can conceive?” select “yes.”

After players complete the conversation they will notice that a fourth marker is lit up across the small lake. Swim across the lake and interact with the marker to receive an additional chest.

Genshin Impact is available for Mobile, PC, and PS4, with PS5 and Switch versions in development.

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