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Risk Of Rain 2: The 6 Most Insane Builds You Have To Try

Risk of Rain 2 is one of the most supremely exciting rogue-like games to come out in the last decade. Its huge variety of weapons, playstyles, enemies, and progression systems are the envy of other games in the randomly generated genre – and it’s an upgrade in every way from its predecessor.

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Even experienced players haven’t tried every combo in the game, and some are a little more out of the way than others. It’s hard to find rare items sometimes, and other times it’s difficult to get a good number of stacks on items that benefit from stacking. However, if you do get some of these combinations, you’ll feel unstoppable.

6 Stacking Razorwire On Any Character

Razorwire is one of the most powerful and most easily breakable items available in Risk of Rain 2, so much so that it synergizes with every character no matter what – especially when you get a few stacks of them. The item automatically shoots out razors to five enemies in a 25-meter radius when the player is damaged, with the number of enemies and the range increasing for each stack.

It’s an item that pairs especially well with two other drops: the Harvester’s Scythe and the Hellfire Tincture. The Harvester’s Scythe gives a huge boost to critical strike chance and heals the player for a small amount with each critical hit – getting damaged suddenly turns into healing, with enough crits. The Hellfire Tincture damages the player for one percent of their health five times each second, while damaging enemies for 24 percent of your health five times each second too. The player damage triggers razorwire, effectively doubling revenge damage.

5 Mercenary + Soldier’s Syringe

The Mercenary is a melee character in Risk of Rain 2, which makes them very open to close attacks from the swarms of enemies you’re sure to encounter. The Soldier’s Syringe is a simple item that increases the player’s attack speed by 15 percent. It seems underwhelming, but the potential for more consistent procs related to hits is a game-changer.

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Dodging attacks and getting back into the fray quickly are the main tools in the Mercenary’s arsenal, and having a few stacks of the Soldier Syringe quickly turns this character into an unstoppable sword-swinging menace, especially when paired with items that proc based on attacks.

4 Kjaro’s Band + Runald’s Band

Kjaro’s Band and Runald’s Band are two specialty items only unlocked by finding them in the Abandoned Aqueduct, but their power level makes them well worth a detour for. Go through a run until you find yourself in this deserty, hilly zone, and look for what appears to be a large hole in a cliff with a gate on it. There are two pressure plates on the map that you must find, and you and somebody else must step on them at the same time to open a secret area.

Kjaro’s Band and Runald’s Band will be unlocked shortly after this for future runs. Kjaro’s Band deals a huge wave of AOE damage when attacks that do over 400 percent damage connect, while Runald’s Band slows an enemy by 80 percent for a few seconds then deals massive damage following an attack that does over 400 percent damage. Together, they proc at the same time, laying waste to enemies quickly.

3 Any Ranged Character + Paul’s Goat Hoof

Paul’s Goat Hoof is one of the best speed-based items in Risk of Rain 2 and one you will see a lot in your runs. As a ranged character, though, look to pick up as many of these as you possibly can. Getting into a good ranged spot and out of tricky ranged attacks against you are essential skills to master to get to later waves.

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Paul’s Goat Hoof is a good overall item for any build, but the more stacks you have as a ranged class the more maneuverable (and more able to do damage) you will be. A strict 14 percent speed boost is fine, but a 140 percent speed boost with 10 of these is unmatched.

2 Artificer + Alien Head + Extra Clips

The Alien Head in Risk of Rain 2 is a legendary item that reduces all cooldowns by 25 percent for the player. Stacking these is not recommended, as it offers extremely diminishing returns even with just two stacked – the 25 percent reduction is raised to a mere 30 percent – but it’s an absolute must-have for the Artificer.

The Artificer is a ranged spell master, but their best abilities are on long cooldowns. This item makes this class ridiculously powerful with just one equipped, and when paired with other speed-increasing items like the Soldier Syringe and Extra Clips it can make the Artificer flat-out broken.

1 MUL-T + Preon Accumulator +Fuel Cells

MUL-T is a bot character in Risk of Rain 2 who has synergies with different items than most. The Preon Accumulator zaps enemies within 35 meters for 600 percent of the player’s damage per second. If an enemy touches the player, they explode for up to 4000 percent damage instantly. It pairs extremely well with proccing items.

MUL-T is the natural choice for this item for his ability to hold two pieces of equipment at once, making the long cooldown time more manageable with a temporary replacement. Fuel Cells decrease the item’s heavy cooldown even further, and MUL-T players with the Preon Accumulator should seek out these as much as possible.

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