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It’s hard to not be sucked into the world of sports anime. Many shows in the genre are so addicting with their nail-biting competitiveness, heart-tugging friendships, and important life lessons. This year has graced viewers with the Skate: The Infinity anime, a show that has already amassed a huge fanbase.

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For new watchers of sports anime and those who’ve been enjoying them for awhile now, here are some incredible shows that lovers of Skate: The Infinity need to experience. Get ready for plenty of action, lovable characters, exciting plot lines, and tons of exclamation marks with each of these recommendations.

10 Farewell, My Dear Cramer

This brand new anime began airing April 2021 and is already looking great. The story follows Sumire Suō, a 15-year-old girl with a huge passion for soccer. She plays hard, but seems to always fall short of victory. The fired-up schoolgirl loses a match when a player on the rival team, Midori Soshizaki, blocks her.

In a twist of fate, the two soccer players end up attending the same high school – which doesn’t have a very reputable sports team. Deciding to work together, the two set out on a coming-of-age adventure to be the best soccer players they can be.

9 Yuri!!! on Ice

After an embarrassing end to his previous season, Yuri Katsuki has all but given up on his dream to win any more ice skating championships. However, hen a video of Yuri skating a routine from the international star Victor Nikiforov goes viral, the gold-medalist heads to Tokyo to become Yuri’s coach

The story that follows includes the most adorable relationships, powerful performances, and fantastically developed characters. Plus, viewers will never skip the theme song.

8 Run With The Wind

Kakeru, a former elite high school runner, is saved by University student Haiji after being chased down for stealing. Haiji then convinces Kakeru to move into an old dorm and help him in his plan to enter a very famous relay marathon.

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Kakeru agrees, but soon comes to the realization that only he and Haiji are good at the sport, while the rest of the dorm residents are total noobs. The animation is bright and fun, the story line is full of excitement, and the characters are absolutely worth the watch.

7 Hanebado!

After a big defeat at a prominent badminton tournament, main character Nagisa Aragaki loses her confidence and passion for her sport. Her growing hatred for badminton threatens to destroy the team, until a new head coach is brought onto the team.

The Olympic-level coach brings along the same girl who took down Nagisa in the scarring match that ruined the sport for her. The two must join together as teammates and friends to transform their broken team into an elite one.

6 Haikyuu!!

Ask any big sports anime fan for their recommendations, and they’ll likely mention Haikyuu!! The show has multiple seasons ready for new viewers to binge.

The story follows Shōyō Hinata, a young volleyball player who overcomes his small stature with his impressive jumping skills. He ends up joining Karasuno High School’s volleyball team alongside no other than his sworn rival, Kageyama. Wild competitions, lovable characters, and budding friendships are in store.

5 Wave!!

Near the coast of Ooarai, Masaki Hinaoka becomes close to the dazzling transfer student Shou Akitsuki. Shou introduces Masaki to surfing and his life is forever changed. Through surfing, Masaki grows physically and emotionally, makes amazing new friends, and changes as he comes of age.


The style is beautiful, and the story isn’t as action packed and competitive like other sports anime, which makes it a nice change of pace. It’s a good, relaxing show to watch in between more high intensity ones.

4 Prince of Stride: Alternative

This sports anime features a fictional extreme sport called “Stride,” which is very similar to Parkour. Groups of five plus a relationer head out on intense relay races across the city to compete.

Nana Sakurai is a first year who eagerly attends Hōnan Academy high school in hopes of joining the famous Stride club. However, she finds out it has been inactive for years after a big accident. Nana and her two classmates embark on a journey to recruit new Stride members and bring the club back to its former glory.

3 Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club is another popular sports anime with a massive fanbase. The show continues to release seasons and movies, so it boasts never-ending cheesy dialogue and fun-loving excitement for its fans.

Haruka Nanase is a very gifted swimmer, who only swims Freestyle. Wanting to use the school pool and compete in local competitions, he and his friends revitalize their high school’s swim team, barely getting enough members to make it an official club. The four swimmers grow close to one another, inspiring each other to be the best they can be. Former rivals, new friends, and plenty of fun adventures await Haru and the gang.

2 Kuroko’s Basketball

Get ready for a heart-racing, action-packed basketball anime. Tetsuya Kuroko takes the high school sports world by storm when he debuts as a top player of his generation.

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After teaming up with another incredibly talented player, Taiga Kagami, the two aim to bring their high school to the top as the best in all of Japan. But this will require taking down the teams of Kuroko’s former teammates, who are all brilliant players of their own.

1 Ace of Diamonds

Baseball in Japan is not what fans may have expected, but it’s exactly what they needAce of Diamonds is just the place for sports anime lovers to start.

Eijun Sawamura is a baseball pitcher with unique techniques that make him naturally skilled. After being scouted by the highly prestigious Seidou High, Sawamura heads down the path of joining their team and aiming to be the best baseball team out there. The first step? Making it to nationals in the summer tournament.

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