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Biggest Gaming News of the Week: 4/11/21 – 4/18/21 | Game Rant

Plenty of announcements from Resident Evil, Nintendo’s indie showcase, as well as revelations from Sony Bend’s cancelled Days Gone 2, come from this week’s gaming news. Game Rant has compiled some of the biggest gaming news stories from this past week together into a concise post for fans and enthusiasts to stay up to date on the most important events in the industry per week. Highlighting the most relevant stories, this list is not inherently and totally objective, and will not contain every news story this week. Rather, this is intended for gaming fans who want a quick rundown on the largest/most impactful stories that occurred in the last week in games.

In this week’s recap of gaming news, Capcom has plenty to unveil for Resident Evil Village, as well as some surprise announcements for the franchise’s 25th anniversary. Activision continues to tease the “end” for Call of Duty: Warzone, though it’s more accurately a new beginning. Nintendo held a surprisingly stacked indie showcase full of new games this week. More details have come to light on Bend Studio’s rejected Days Gone 2 pitch from the original’s former director. Along those lines, Amazon’s Lord of the Rings MMO project was cancelled as well, though for an exterior issue. All that and more in last week’s biggest games industry news.

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As the release of the next mainline entry approaches, Capcom released a ton of Resident Evil announcements, trailers, and more during this week’s showcase. Other than the announcement and subsequent release of the second Resident Evil Village demo, there were several surprise announcements for all Resident Evil-related media as well. Highlight announcements from the showcase include:

In Verdansk, strange things are starting to finally happen in Call of Duty: Warzone. In preparation of Season 3, the Warzone map has undergone some significant changes already, with blankets of radiation hovering over the Prison, Shipwreck, and now the Hospital. Players downed in those zones or killed in combat are returning as Zombies as well, while others were witnessing dud Nukes landing in the Warzone map a bit early.

Evidently, this is all in favor of “the end” event being teased for Warzone by Activision, which is supposedly coming on April 21. A nuclear-themed event itself has been teased by Warzone practically since release, with leaks and map changes revealing nuclear warheads and bunkers throughout Verdansk. Next week, players will know for sure what’s happening to Warzone by Wednesday.

A surprisingly stacked indie showcase was presented by Nintendo last week, featuring several exciting and surprising titles coming to the Switch this year. A sequel to Oxenfree, a new TMNT beat ’em up-style game called Shredder’s Revenge, a new OlliOlli game is on the way, the return of Konami as an indie publisher, and more were showcased as well. Several of the titles showcased are already available now, with many slated for later this year.

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In the wake of Bloomberg’s report investigating the affairs of Sony’s first-party studios, one of the revelations was a rejected Days Gone 2 pitch by developer Bend Studio. Until now, there wasn’t much detail on the reported existence of a Days Gone sequel, other than it at one time existed conceptually at the studio. Now, Days Gone game director Jeff Ross did elaborate on some of the gameplay and narrative details included in the Days Gone 2 pitch.

According to Ross, Days Gone 2 was going to implement co-op gameplay in some form, which was supposedly planned to come to Days Gone initially. There were also plans to make Days Gone 2 a “shared universe” in some way, whether that’s through base-building, teaming up, or other free-form multiplayer elements. None of these elements or concepts are confirmed for any kind of Days Gone 2 project in development, despite fans asking for it.

While there wasn’t much public information made available on the project, it seems Amazon has cancelled its Lord of the Rings MMO project. Though not at fault of the game’s development itself, it seems Amazon ceased development due to a dispute with Leyou Technologies and Tencent. According to Bloomberg’s sources familiar with the cancelled project, Leyou Technologies’ acquisition by Tencent led to the contract dispute, with negotiations between both tech companies ceasing development.

Earlier this week, reports by Bloomberg Japan indicated that several companies were interested in potentially acquiring publisher Square Enix. Square Enix has since come out to publicly refute any rumors of intent to sell or any acquisition deals, even though Square Enix’s market price did rise in the wake of these rumors. The publisher made it clear that no single company had made an official offer, nor did Square Enix reach out to any interested parties.

Once again, PC manufacturers express a warning that GPU hardware shortages could persist even longer than initially expected. Issues with the pandemic, resource shortage, and now cryptocurrency and sale botting could potentially extend shortages until 2023, according to Taiwanese chip manufacturer TSMC. This news comes in the wake of both the U.S. and Chinese governments competing for TSMC’s loyalty in supplying semiconductor technology for widespread industrial use.

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