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Divinity Original Sin 2: Here’s The Best Class Choice For Every Main Character Companion

Pre-Made Origins of Divinity Original Sin 2 offer at least six memorable tales of life in the world Rivellon, giving players a chance to experience personal stories across six playthroughs. Moreover, outside their Player Character, players of the Larian Studios title can choose three Companions – three of which can come from mercenaries-for-hire or this cast of Pre-Made Origins.

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However, while these Pre-Made Origins have set personal narratives, players can still decide which Classes their Companions become. Thing is, which Class works best for each of the six Companions?

6 Beast: Rogue Capitalizes On Sneaking

Proud and loud, Beast has a thirst for adventure that can push players to go against the odds. He’s the only Pre-Made Origin to represent Dwarves, and comes with the Sturdy (gains 5-percent Dodge and 10-percent maximum Vitality) and Dwarven Guile (+1 Sneaking) Talents.

Thanks to his Dwarven nature, Beast has Petrifying Touch which deals Earth damage and temporarily petrifies a target. As Beast, he can summon Blinding Squall that deals moderate Air damage and sets Blind for a turn.

Recommended Starting Class: Rogue

Beast will ask to become a Battlemage as his default Starting Class. However, players might find more use of him as a Rogue. This Class capitalizes on the Scoundrel Skill School, with Skills that bank on dealing critical damage via Backstab.

As a Rogue, Beast gets Scoundrel Skills great for assassinations. His Adrenaline gives him extra AP per turn, with Throwing Knife giving him ranged capabilities and Backlash making room for Backstab.

Additionally, Beast’s Dwarven Guile incentivizes his Sneaking potential, perfect for the Class and its stealth nature.

5 Fane: Inquisitor Maximizes Lifesteal

The scholarly (and skeletal) Fane will be quick to explain his nature as an Eternal, a member of a forgotten civilization with a history he’s planning to rediscover.

He’s the only Pre-Made Origin to represent the Undead, and comes with the Ingenious (gains +2 Initiative and 5-percent to Critical Hit), and Undead (immune to Bleeding, heals from Poison, damages from healing) Talents.

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As an Undead, Fane can use the Play Dead Skill, forcing enemies to ignore them for three turns at the most. However, as Fane, he can use Time Warp – giving an ally an additional turn.

Recommended Starting Class: Inquisitor

While he asks to become a Wizard, players might find more use of Fane as an Inquisitor. This Class blends the Warfare and Necromancer Skill Schools.

Inquisitors start with the Battering Ram (Warfare 1) Skill that let them rush the enemy and knock them down. Meanwhile, Mosquito Swarm (Necromancer 1) is a mean AOE that grants lifesteal, and Blood Sucker (Necromancer 1) takes life from blood surfaces.

Thanks to his Undead nature, Fane becomes immune to Poison and Bleeding – which also makes him perfect to become a frontline tank. Moreover, the lifesteal nature of the Necromancer Skill School is a great solution to Fane’s weakness to recovery effects.

4 Ifan Ben-Mezd: Ranger Adds Lethality To Distance

Ifan has recently retired from the notorious Lone Wolves, but his fame as a mercenary follows him to this day. This time around, Ifan returns from retirement to finish one last mission.

As a member of the common Humans, Ifan does have Talents unique to them. He’s Thrifty (+1 Bartering) and Ingenious (gains +2 Initiative and 5-percent to Critical Hit).

Being Human, Ifan has Encourage that can give him and his allies a boost to Strength, Finesse, Constitution, and Intelligence. Moreover, his spiritual nature enables him to use Summon Ifan’s Soul Wolf, basically a wolf that will help Ifan and his team for a limited duration.

Recommended Starting Class: Ranger

While Ifan will request to start as a Wayfarer, players might find it more practical for him to become a Ranger. Despite little differences between these Classes, the Ranger’s Huntsman and Pyrokinetic foci make them a more offensive combatant.

Rangers start with Elemental Arrowheads (Huntsman 1), enabling them to tinker with the battlefield with various surface-changing arrows. Meanwhile, Peace of Mind (Pyrokinetic 1) is a great debuff to basic status effects. Lastly, Ricochet (Huntsman 1) is a helpful starter attack at long-range.

Thanks to Ifan’s Spirit Wolf, his Ranger will have a handy melee companion to threat him from various threats. Additionally, with Ingenious increasing Critical Hit and Initiative, Ifan as a Ranger can capitalize the early-turn advantage to deal as much damage as possible.

3 Lohse: Enchanter Will Manipulate The Battlefield

Unfortunately for Lohse, she’s thrust into the troubling world of Divinity as dark entities inside her head threaten to take over. Being one of the more common Humans, Lohse does share some Talents with them. She’s Thrift (+1 Bartering) and Ingenious (gains +2 Initiative and 5-percent to Critical Hit).

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As a Human, Lohse has Encourage, a Skill that increases most of the base Attributes of herself and nearby allies. Given her nature, she has Maddening Song, inflicting Mad to targets that force them to attack the nearest creature – be it ally or foe.

Recommended Starting Class: Enchanter

Lohse will ask to start as an Enchanter, which is also the most ideal Class for her as a Spellcaster. The Class starts with a good pairing of Hydrosophist and Aerotheurge, which easily gives way to devastating AOE attacks.

The Enchanter’s Rain (Hydrosophist) and Electric Discharge (Aerotheurge) combo can make a mean AOE, while Hail Strike (Hydrosophist) can Freeze unsuspecting enemies. When leveled up, the Skill School pairing can give Lohse access to strong healing, buffs, and debuffs.

Thanks to Lohse’s Ingenious, her early-turn advantage can allow her to position herself properly to gain the upper hand. Likewise, her boost to critical hit can help her land more critical hits – always a welcome sight to the fight. More importantly, her Maddening Song Skill lets her sow chaos into her enemies – potentially removing the need for the party to fight enemies at all.

2 The Red Prince: Metamorph Quirks Plays With Tactics

Exiled from the Lizard Empire for an unexplained reason, the Red Prince seeks to retake his rightful place at the throne. As the only representative of Lizards among the Pre-Made Origins, the Red Prince has Talents unique to his status. He’s Sophisticated (gains 10-percent Fire and Poison Resistance) and has Spellsong (+1 Persuasion). He can even dig holes without using shovels, like Lizards.

Given his nature as a Lizard, he has Dragon’s Blaze – a lizard breath that deals Fire damage. Unique to the Red Prince is Demonic Stare, letting him steal Magical Armour.

Recommended Starting Class: Metamorph

While the Red Prince asks to become a Fighter, his skillset might fit the archetype of the Metamorph. Its specialization in the Polymorph Skill School expands on the Warfare focus of the Knight and Fighter.

The Metamorph begins with a long-range Skill as the Tentacle Lash (Polymorph), or a rush Skill via the Bull Horns (Polymorph). Additionally, Chicken Claw (Polymorph) will allow the Red Prince to transform any opponent (yes, even bosses) into a chicken – something that will break a ton of battles.

As the Red Prince, his Dragon’s Blaze and Demonic Stare easily plays into the Metamorph’s shapeshifting focus. Additionally, his added resistances via Sophisticated allow the Red Prince to maximize the Metamorph’s melee capabilities.

1 Sebille: Shadowblade Expands Stealth Tactics

A former slave now free from bondage, Sebille seeks vengeance against her Master – the very person who trained her to become an assassin.

As the only representative of Elves among the Pre-Made Origins, Sebille has traits unique to them. She has the Corpse Eater (gain information and/or abilities when eating body parts) and Ancestral Knowledge (+1 Loremaster) Talents.

Being an Elf, she has the Flesh Sacrifice Skill to sacrifice Vitality to gain 1AP and a damage buff. Unique to Sebille is Break the Shackles, essentially an instant debuff.

Recommended Starting Class: Shadowblade

While Sebille wants to become a Rogue, she might become more efficient as a Shadowblade. Unlike the Rogue’s Scoundrel-focused skillset, the Shadowblade expands its offerings by adding Polymorph into the mix.

The Shadowblade begins with the Scoundrel’s Backlash staple. Additionally, they have Chameleon Cloak (Polymorph) that grants invisibility and the game-breaking Chicken Claw (Polymorph). This capitalizes on the Shadowblade’s sneak attack potential.

Additionally, Sebille’s extra AP via Flesh Sacrifice and debuffs via Break the Shackles can easily let her navigate the battlefield easily.

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