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Genshin Impact: 10 Moments From The History Of Mondstadt That You May Not Know

In Genshin Impact, Mondstadt is the first nation that the Traveler comes into contact with. Loosely based on real-life Germany during Medieval times, this nation of freedom is home to one of the oldest gods in Teyvat. Mondstadt is a country with a rich culture and a unique ideology, with plenty of lore for fans to explore.

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Naturally, this leaves Mondstadt with a long history, riddled with hidden easter eggs and important moments. From the events in Old Mondstadt important figures in modern Mondstadt, knowning everything that happens in Teyvat adds more to the player’s experience of solving the mysteries in the story.

10 The Revolt In Old Mondstadt

Venti’s story quest is one of the most emotional in the game. It’s touching, it adds depth to an Archon that we had all assumed to be a simple goofball, and it made players think deeply about life in Teyvat. However, many players didn’t realize the historical significance of the tale until after the quest had ended.

At the end of the quest, Venti’s story tells about the end of Old Mondstadt (better known as Stormterror Lair.) Ruled by the aristocratic minority, this Mondstadt was vastly different than the City of Freedom that fans love. Slavery was legal, rulers were cruel, and leaders actively infringed on their people’s freedoms.

9 Vennessa’s Rise To Power

Throughout the storylines that occur in Mondstadt, many characters mention the name Vennessa. Lore-wise, Vennessa was the first ruler of modern Mondstadt, and her story is familiar to players who have read the Genshin Impact manga. A slave girl from the west of Old Mondstadt who was rumored to be related to the Pyro Archon, Murata, Barbatos befriended her during her time as a slave.

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Vennessa’s rise to power was the reason the Mondstadt exists today. After defeating Ursa the Drake, Vennessa brought Mondstadt to the island in Cider Lake and heavily removed the powers of the aristocrats that ruled before her. After Barbatos himself, Vennessa is the most important figure in Mondstadt history.

8 The Windblume

Update 1.4 added the Windblume Festival (along with new characters like Rosaria), This event is filled with splendor and excitement for players all around the community. That said, many are unfamiliar with the historical significance of the event.

The player receives an explanation in the festival’s final cutscene, in which the Traveler joins Venti in a remote area of Stormterror Lair. Here, Venti explains that the true Windblume was created as a secret message by the people of Old Mondstadt during the revolution. While this old meaning has faded, this is the basis for the Windblume Festival and the lifestyle of Mondstadt citizens today.

7 Decarabian’s Rise And Fall

While everybody is familiar with Barbatos, the current Anemo Archon, less are familiar with Decarabian. Decarabian was Barbatos’ predecessor of sorts, and his reign was rather violent. He was the one who formed the nation of Mondstadt over 2600 years before the beginning of the game.

Decarabian believed his rule was good and just, but his people did not. His version of Mondstadt, located in what is now Stormterror Lair, was more like a prison cell where his citizens were not allowed to leave. Don’t be mislead; while Mondstadters considered Decarabian to be a tyrant (leading to the revolution), he only put his policies in place to protect them from his nemesis, Andrius.

6 The Formation Of The Four Winds

The Four Winds are the protectors of Mondstadt: Dvalin is the Dragon of the East, Andrius the King of the North, and Vennessa holds the titles of Lion of the South and Falcon of the West. As the Four Winds’ origins, the story dates back to events that occurred a thousand years prior.

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Barbatos formed the Four Winds to protect Mondstadt while he disappeared. Dvalin was the oldest of these in age, and Andrius the oldest to know Barbatos himself. Although stories in modern Mondstadt still recognize them, their temples have already been abandoned for years. Now, they are the Ruins that riddle Mondstadt’s land.

5 Varka’s Expedition

Many question why Jean is called the “Acting” Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius. The truth is that Jean is actually a temporary substitute. The current Grand Master of Mondstadt is a man named Varka, whose name carries a great deal of respect.

As for why Varka is not currently in Mondstadt, he and a handful of other important members of the group left on an expedition a half-year before the beginning of the game. One of these members is the father of Jean and Barbara, Seamus Pegg, the Cardinal of Daybreak in the Church.

4 The Death Of Crepus Ragnvindr

It is fairly common knowledge in the community that there is a connection between Diluc and Kaeya. This connection is Crepus Ragnvindr, Diluc’s biological father who adopted Kaeya at a young age. Crepus was very influential man in Mondstadt. Diluc claimes that his contributions rivaled those of the Knights of Favonius.

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Although the player doesn’t learn the specifics of these contributions, it is true that his death set the tone for Diluc’s character. When Crepus died after using a Fatui delusion against Ursa the Drake, Diluc blamed the Knights of Favonius for his father’s death. Most fans believe that this event is the reason for Diluc’s distaste for the Knights, since he left the organization shortly after.

3 Alice’s Life And Travels

Alice is one of the most intriguing characters in Genshin Impact lore, even though fans know very little about her. The mother of Klee and a good friend of Albedo, Alice has single-handedly shaped many traits of Mondstadt culture players see in the game. In fact, Alice’s influence stretches much farther than just Mondstadt. She wrote the Teyvat Traveler’s Guide, which tells players about the culture of both Mondstadt and Liyue.

In Mondstadt, most characters have received some influence one way or the other from Alice. Most notably, Barbara’s idol career started with a magazine that Alice gave her. Even Mona came to Mondstadt because of a rivalry that her master had with Alice. Truly, Alice’s life itself is has shaped not only Mondstadt, but all of Teyvat.

2 Vennessa’s Ascension

Fans know that Vennessa is the de-facto founder of modern Mondstadt. However, her story doesn’t end there. Many are confused about why Vennessa holds two of the titles of the Four Winds. This isn’t lazy writing, or setting up a secret boss for later on. Rather, it refers to a specific event pertaining to the lore of Mondstadt.

Vennessa’s long struggle that started as a slave girl has a somber end. Recognized by the gods in Celestia, she eventually joined them as the Falcon of the West. With her ascension, the Fourth Wind came into existence and the Lion of the South title passed down to the Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius.

1 The Mystery Of The Uninhabited Island

Far out on the sea to the East of Mondstadt, many fans have encountered a mysterious island (receiving an achievement in the process.) This is the Uninhabited Island, a lone ruin. Nobody knows who made it or why.

Whatever its purpose was, the Temple that lies here is said to be of great historical significance to both Mondstadt and the world of Teyvat. Many fans speculate as to the meaning of the ruins. This location marks one of the most fascinating mysteries that players hope will be resolved in coming updates.

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